Jan 5, 2015

Use Python mplot3D to create simple gyroscope motion animation

Here I use python to simulate the physical motion of a gyroscope. And use mplot3D library to animate the 3D gyroscopic nutation and precession of this symmetric top.

More animations in this post. A complete material for learning how to make this is in another post, in Chinese though.

EulerTop_sharp_cube from KT Gump on Vimeo.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

The python code is provided here.

A snapshot png figure:
The three lines originated from origin are the gyroscope's z axis, angular velocity, and angular momentum normalized vector.

I also use matplotlib to create the following vector-based gyroscope figure. The ring-shape stripe of a nutating precession of a gyroscope is mathematically projected and mapped to the surface of the top to give a virtually appealing skin.




Keywords: axes.plot_surface, axes.plot_wireframe, pgf backend, projection, texture

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