Mar 12, 2014

some great matches in CSGO, cool CSGO avitar names, and try to come up with some of my own, casters i like

Converted document
Some of the greatest matches in professional CSGO (chronologically, in reverse)
Some of the avatar names and casters I like:
Existing_names pusha, olofmeister, byali, apex, faflaren, karrigan, jkaem, hani, simple, cyjanb, nothing , shox, kioshima,
Cranking_my_head mehidae (somehow rhythm with meditate) toothless (from the movie "how to train your dragon") silen (silence) andoni (antoine) pfeifer (vacuum pump company - pfeiffer) timee continuing...
Casters ddk black ddk henryG warowl a few that I still need to find their names......

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