Jun 12, 2013

Simulation of a coin rolling on a surface in 3D

Artificial simulation of a coin rolling on a frictional surface. The simulation is programmed with Python. Work in progress...

Newest update Aug/7/2014

The following is a detail explanation of how the above simulation is done. It is written in Chinese, and it is still being revised constantly. Aug 6 /2014

History progresssion.
Updated 7/4/14
Artificial rolling without slipping. Now the CM can move in all direction.
python code
Updated 7/1/13
The simulation of a rolling motion of a coin with no precession. The next step is to add on the precession. This simulation and animation is coded with Python. You can download the code here.
CM 0.1mm corresponds to 1 deg tilt rotation.

CM unchanged.

Some cool slow motion HD film from internet.


Relative movement of CM and CP in a tiny rotation when the coin rolls.
The rolling angle φ along the cp-CM axis can be shown to be equal to a factor timed the angle α between the x axis and trace line cp-cp1.

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