Nov 28, 2012

How hard is it to drive a F1 car?

From an onboard camera, this shows the start of a F1 race from the driver's aspect. You can sort of feel the subtle reaction of the car when the driver works on tires before the start of the race. Try to feel the surrounding environment passing by and you will get a scene of how fast the car is flying! Also from this film you can kind of feel the G force from acceleration and corning!


Nov 13, 2012

Mapping LA neighborhood from LA TIMES

Nov 9, 2012

Scientific Workplace + Endnote Tricks

Last update 2/13/2013

Share some recent discoveries with the software Scientific Workplace 5.0
  1. To work with Endnote. - this includes adding a 'Label' to the bib file using a convenient small Matlab function and in the Endnote the export 'bibtex style' you can remove the unwanted fields (like the 'note' field) that you don't want it to appreare in the typesetting bibliography library.
 Alright it is time to give the full story. Sorry for the late reply :p! Anyway. I don't know if bibDB in SWP(scientific workplace) fixed this problem yet. If not, then I guess it is still useful for me to write this down for those people fighting with this problem. If they did fix it, that's even better. Actually after I checked Mackichan website I found this written in 2006, which means they haven't fix it or it is still not a complete solution. So I think my post will still be useful.

Nov 8, 2012