Mar 1, 2012

Wire mesh grid simulation in Simion

Tof + voltage deflector + Einzel lens.
Elements are intentially placed closer to each other to let see the finer details of the elements.


We want to compare the differences in electric field distortion between wire mesh plates and single-hole plates as voltage plates in our TOF mass spectrometer. The electric field can be simulated a program called Simion.

Ions accelerated by hole plates suffers a focusing effect (beam expansion):

Ions accelerated by mesh grid wires has 'less' focusing effect (trajectories are more parallel):

The real thing.

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Tof acceleration plates plus a voltage deflector, for steering the direction of the ion beam.
Another view.

Fine grid voltage mesh simulation, CF a hole voltage plate.

Potential contour details showing the distortions of electric field near the fine metal wires:
The vertical lines are the ions coming from top. Horizontal contours are the potential energy lines.

The real thing

Simion 7 3D problems:
1. Directories in C:/Documents and settings/The One/ are not listed completely in directory tree window, even after the scan action performs. There is a warning on top of the file manage window saying "Warning, files nested too deep". Did not find a cure in the manual in the first try. Hope someone can help.

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