Apr 16, 2015

tetrahedron midsphere,circumscribed sphere

If a sphere can be tangent to all six edges of a tetrahedron, then the four lines connecting the vertex and the incircle of the opposing triangular face will be intersecting(concurrent) at a point. This point will be different from the center of the sphere.

The four circumscribed circles of the four triangles of a tetrahedron will all fall on a sphere, so called circumscribed sphere.


These graphs are plotted using Python and its package mplot3D. The programs to generate these figures are pyfig1 and pyfig2.

Got interested in geometry in high school and came up with this project in the science fair.

  • 幾何學辭典,ISBN:957-603-071-4,世部貞市郎原著,九張出版社

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