Jun 30, 2012



  • 以Matlab寫成
  • 於研究所期間與實驗室夥伴共同發展而成。

This is a mass spectrum analyzing program specially tailored to conveniently analyze spectrum data with groups of mass peaks that are equally spaced in mass. For example if you have a mass spectrum of N molecules of water, (H2O)_N, with N can be from 1~200, then you might want to consider trying out this program. It takes advantages of this equally-spaced nature of mass peaks and automates statistical analysis or fitting procedure from one peak to another (peak-by-peak). So you don’t need to analyze the above mentioned water mass spectra individually from N = 1 to 200. One of many useful features is it can also deal with time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectra where the equally-spaced peaks in mass is measured with a TOF mass spectrometer and you have output data mass peaks that are non-uniformly spaced. In this case the conversion from time to mass unit can be calibrated in the program by a innovative fitting procedure (also automated).

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